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Sep 6 12 7:47 AM

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QUOTE Former President Bill Clinton’s stem-winding nomination speech was a fact-checker’s nightmare: lots of effort required to run down his many statistics and factual claims, producing little for us to write about.

Republicans will find plenty of Clinton’s scorching opinions objectionable. But with few exceptions, we found his stats checked out. END OF QUOTES

IMO, this is a good site and appears to be unbiased. Clinton's speech had the crowd roaring! Whether I like some of his moral values or not, he is still one of the best speakers that appeals to all voters. He has the ability to work with both sides; Even though his speech went over the time he was allotted I think he was good to the end.

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Sep 7 12 7:36 AM

 I witnessed Bill Clinton's speech and IMO it was the most effective speech given during the entire DNC.  Here are some of the things President Barack Obama has done to stop the recession from becoming a depression.  Along with what the previous administration PREEMPTIVE  war has done to our country:

With the DNC now over, an economic report appeared this morning [09/07/2012] with the following headline:

The jobs report hung over the president's convention speech in Charlotte ...

The US economy added just 96000 new jobs in August, far below economists' expectations and dealing a crushing blow to President Barack Obama after the close of the Democratic national convention.

Certainly not the kind of news we would like to be seeing now. President Barack Obama has been in office nearly four years and the country is still not out of woods yet on jobs for all those who want and need them.

However, most of you are not aware of the fact it took President Franklin D. Roosevelt nine years to resolve the unemployment conditions brought on by the 1929 depression. And that was greatly due to the country going into war in late 1941.

The lesson to learn here is that it takes time to recover from the kind of economic mess Pesident Obama inherited when he entered office in 2008.  See the following historical facts:


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