Jul 19 12 9:06 AM

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A True Friend

A true friend does not always gives what is wanted, but what is needed
They warn when there is a pit, and even arrange for that pit to be reality
Not for the purpose of failure, but the purpose of victory

They will be there if failure happens. Giving what is needed at the right time
Always working to bring a solid footing by showing the quicksand of life
Never imposing their own will, but always in all things leaving a choice

Through all the rocks, rapids, and waterfalls, they take the bumps with grace
Knowing that in this place it is their very calling from the Greatest Friend of all
To work with those who are also called to run the race of faith.

I praise the Lord, even through the uncertain times
That He has brought these precious gems not for my own prestige
But for the furtherance of this soul through the One who died for me.