Feb 4 12 12:40 PM

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Who is it that you say that I am. This is a question spoken to Peter, but it is a question spoken to the heart of every saint. Every member of the Body. Each one will answer this question standing before the Throne of Grace.
Let Me tell you about Who it is that I am. Capture My heart in this matter.

Before the world was spoke into existence I was brought forth from The Living God. He brought forth His Word. I came into being. Through this Word all was formed. From the One that sits upon the circle of the Earth, all that was made was spoken through this Word that was formed.

I had My dwelling with Him, and My place was always at His side. Complete in unity.
A plan He saw, and a plan He had before this world began. For He saw the choice that was the fall of men. In His great mercies, He brought Me into human form. For to sacrifice His Only begotten Son was to be the Greatest act of Love.
From My high estate, I stepped down into this earth to become the sacrifice for all those who would believe. In this Love that is the very character of The Father, I brought a bridge between Him and man.
I am the very essence of His character. I am full of Justice and mercy, I am honor and grace, full of righteousness and hope, I do not lose any whom the Father by His spirit calls to Me.
So what of this. What is this relationship that He has offered through Me. It is one of peace and joy. One of fear and trembling. One of hope and confidence. One of humility and grace.
Like any relationships, this one takes dedication. When you commune with the Father, you are communing with Me for it is the same spirit within Me that is within you. It is His spirit that dwells within Me that dwells within you as you believe that I am the ONLY way to the Father. This takes time to develop the relationship. Just as it takes time to develop a relationship with a friend.

This relationship is developed as you come to the Father believing that I am the way. That My sacrifice is enough. Not by your own works. Not by anything good in yourself. Not by any bend of your own habits. Whether those be good or bad. There is nothing that can be brought as the price for righteousness except My righteousness that is placed as a cloak upon you to enter into this throne of Grace. It is a relationship with the Father that He desires to be restored. Redemption means restoration Which means relationship.

This relationship is founded upon truth. It is one where He is not one who does not understand all the fears, worries, doubts and pain. For He has witnessed them through Me. Through My life and through My being touched with sorrow and pain. I am not one who is a stranger to all these things within your own heart. I am your High Priest who in all compassion understands every sorrow, all joy of victory. I sorrow when you sorrow. I rejoice when you rejoice. I offer prayers and intercession on your behalf to our Father. I am your great intercessor, your mighty strength. I am your King and Lord, Savior, corrector, teacher, friend, and will do all things in accordance to the Will of the Father. All I have is yours for the taking. As you are a joint heir with Me. This does not happen at the Wedding Feast, but happens as soon as you give your life to Me. As you believe that the Father has sent this same spirit dwelling in Me to you, then it is done. To know that no matter the cost in your own natural life, I am and have prepared a place for you. This place is being one with Me and one with the Father through the Spirit that He gives. This is accepted by faith, through His Grace. The same as the faith in salvation.

I am the helmet of salvation. This is not a physical helmet. Not anything visualized will make it so. But it is the mindset. It is the beliefs that you hold true. It is believing that the only righteousness that can be had that the Father will look upon is My righteousness. Salvation comes when this is submitted to. There is no good work that will make you clean enough for the Father to look upon you. It is only accepting that I am the only righteous one. That righteousness then is placed upon you. The fruit of that righteousness is then worked into you in time. The changes are made not by your own strength, but by My strength placed upon you.

As the Spirit within you brings conviction of a law broken, or it could be said, a grieving of the spirit is felt, then come quickly to repentance. Come quickly and know that peace will be restored. There is no condemnation for those who walk in the Spirit. Believing that I have paid the price.

From repentance to redemption. This relationship is had only by allowing the Word in the scriptures to speak into your heart. Taking heed of what it says. Allowing it to be the base for prayer. This relationship is based upon your own humanness meeting a Holy God. It is coming to the Father with a pure heart. Pure because you have poured out all burdens, cares, and sins. Trusting that He is Faithful to meet every care, every need, every fear with peace, joy, and contentment through every trial, every mountain all because of My sacrifice.

I am the King that will reign. The Name above all Names. Every knee will bow. Either in fear of Me, and a grudging submission, or a bowing in holy Fear, a Holy Love and dedication knowing that I am Righteous. I bring the rule of Iron to those not submitted to My Way. I bring the rule of the Staff (correction, discipline, peace, honor, love, joy, hope, rest) to those who are following after My way.

This is who the Father says that I am. This is who I believe that I am. It is the choice of each to either come to Me for a relationship beyond compare, or to take their own lives in their own hands submitting to their own wants, and needs. And to look for that fulfillment in other things that quickly turn to idols and end up in the worship of demons. Being bound by the influences of the kingdom of Satan. Becoming not free or fulfilled as they had desired, but becoming slaves to those who would use them only as a battery pack. He who would lose his life for My sake will find it. He who would save his life for his own sake will lose it.