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What is the sign of the Son of Man ?

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The sign of the Son of Man referred to by Jesus in Mt.24:30 is explained from what was written in Rev,12:1-2, called the "Wonderous sign in heaven." The sign of the Son of Man Jesus refers to in Mt.24:30.

The Great and Wonderous Sign - in the heavens - of Rev.12:1-3:

You could say - it is the gospel in the sky. (Ps.89:5) This wonder takes place once every year at a very specific time. When Jesus was born. [The Star of Bethlehem was also involved in the astronomical phenomenon, but so far, only a one time event, and is another subject].

The woman in Rev.12:1-2, represents a virgin with the sun amidst her body, representing her pregnancy. The moon at her feet representing the specific time frame this event takes place, in which the sun is setting while the moon is rising in the heavens.

The only time of year this event can be witnessed, is at the summer equinox, in late September to early October, as seen from the middle east, at or around the Jewish Holy Convocation - feast and festival - of Rosh Hashanah. Their New Year - which they call "a year of new beginnings." It is also the last fall feast and festival of their year which they call the "feast of trumpets." They also believe it marks the anniversary of the day God began the creation.

The woman's body is in the Constellation of Virgo (The virgin). She represents the virgin Mary, of Israel, who cries out in pain as she is about to give birth. She has a crown of twelve stars on her head - representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The sun is amid her body, signifying her pregnancy.
Her head is about 10% in the previous Constellation Leo (The Lion - of Judah) and the crescent moon is at her feet, about 10% into the Constellation Libra (The scales of righteousness and judgement).

With all the heavenly bodies in motion, this event can take place only between a time frame from 7:15 to 7:30P.M., a 15 minute window.

So when Jesus talks about His return at His Second Advent in Mt.24:30, at the sign of the Son of Man, it will be at that specific time of year - and time frame!

The source of this outstanding material, is from the book, "The Star That Astonished The World," by Ernest L. Martin, PhD. Which also identifies what the Star of Bethlehem was, from years of studies by scientists and astronomers working together on it in the early to mid '90s.See the following for more:http://www.askelm.com/star/star006.htm http://www.tccsa.tc/articles/star_susan_carroll.pdf By Susan Carroll:


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