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May 4 14 5:25 AM

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A ride on a saucer, into adventure.

A review of Zoom

Zoom was an interesting movie starring Tim Allen, with Chevy Chase.

The adventure is about a group of kids with amazing powers, and an attempt to ressurrect an old team from new members. 

The following our my rankings on the items, from scale of 1 to 10:

Family Values: 4.9 

Don't be fooled by such a low rating.  The main reasons this is so low is because of revealing attire (in a scene with a swimming pool) and a fair amount of minor rude humor.

Comedy: 5  

Some good funny moments, but all in all, more an adventure in my opinion.

Plot: 8

The plot was fascinating, and entertaining to be sure.

Adventure: 8

An adventure, bringing a group together, forming a  family out of a group who might otherwise be at odds from time to time.

Violence:  7

All in all, not too bad for this type of movie.  Some fighting sequences, but mainly training sequences.

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