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Blood Moon Tetrad – God’s Sign of the Times? – Must Read & Share (Upd. 9/22/13)


Critique of the above:What he is referring to is the SECOND COMING of Christ and completely omits the RAPTURE of the Church that will take all of us who belong to Christ out of any of the events he writes about in his book, according to John 14:1-4 and 28, 1 Thess.4:13-17 and 2 Thess;2:1-8, that will take place seven years before Jesus second coming to the earth WITH US, according to Zech.14:4-5; Jude 14 and Rev.19:14, as follows: http://deeperwalk.lefora.com/topic/4193345/Scriptural-teachings-pretrib-rapture-Church-vs-Second#.UmE1TEA_tv6  The blood red moon tetrad, or reference to it can be found in Joel 2:31; Mt.24:29; Mk.13:24; Lk.21:25 and Rev.6:12, pertaining to events  surrounding Jesus second coming to the earth.  Hagee is off in when Israel's New Year takes place, which is at their Rosh Hashanah, in our September, at the time of the summer equinox; not in March at the time of the Jewish passover, our Easter/Pascha, in March, at the time of the Vernal equinox. The chronological order of end times events can be found in the following: http://deeperwalk.lefora.com/topic/3233833/End-Times-Chronology-and-the-Rapture-of-the-Church#.UmE6_EA_tv4


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