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Sightings of  Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat

Between 1856 to 1974 an estimated 200 people from 23 countries claimed they saw Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat. (Balsiger & Sellier 1974 p.203)

From 1961 to 1976 at least 37 expeditions went up the mountain. (Wood 1976)

The phrase "Mountains of Ararat" (Genesis 8:4) is explained by some commentators to refer to two summits of Mount Ararat. There is Big Ararat (16,945 feet; 5,165 metres) and Little Ararat (12,800 feet; 3,900 metres). The phrase "Mount Ararat" without qualification usually refers to the higher summit.

Others explain "Mountains of Ararat" in Genesis as referring to mountain ranges extending hundreds of kilometres but including Mount Ararat itself.

Several quotes later in this article relate "Ararat" to Armenia! A possible reason for this is that since Hebrew writing lacked vowels the r r t translated Ararat might rather refer to Urartu. This was a kingdom extending from Lake Van in eastern Turkey northwards and included Armenia. If Urartu rather than Ararat is correct then no individual mountain where Noah's Ark berthed is identified in the Bible.

Mount Ararat is covered by glaciers. The weather is often clear in the early mornings. By midday fog and clouds and blizzards often cover the summit while lower down are frequent thunder storms.

Little Ararat is sometimes ice-free in summer. Big Ararat has permanent ice, 200 feet thick, covering 22 square miles and down to 13,500 feet. Twelve glaciers flow downwards.

High winds and moving glaciers regularly send boulders rolling down. Deep crevasses in the ice add to the danger. So do blinding snow storms, lightning, poisonous snakes, bears, wild dogs, loose rocks, snow avalanches, rock avalanches, thin atmosphere and occasional earthquakes. The Ahora Gulch on Ararat's north east side has 8,000-foot cliffs. Some would-be climbers died in the attempt – Christopher Trease in 1965 and two others in 1967 for example.

Mount Ararat is a volcano. An earthquake in June 1840 destroyed the 8-century old St. Jacob Monastery at Ahora (7,000 ft level) and the village of Ahora (or Arguri) on the north west slope and reportedly killed 2,000 people. Numerous relics from Noah's Ark were said to be stored in the Monastery but the site remains buried and unexcavated.

Noah is mentioned a dozen times in the Bible after Genesis. (Isaiah 54:9; Matthew 24:37-39; 1 Peter 3:20-21)     

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