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 What Is Reborn?

In his book What the Buddha Taught (1959), Theravada scholar Walpola Rahula asked,
"If we can understand that in this life we can continue without a permanent, unchanging substance like Self or Soul, why can't we understand that those forces themselves can continue without a Self or Soul behind them after the non-functioning of the body?

"When this physical body is no more capable of functioning, energies do not die with it, but continue to take some other shape or form, which we call another life. ... Physical and mental energies which constitute the so-called being have within themselves the power to take a new form, and grow gradually and gather force to the full."

Zen teacher John Daido Loori said,
"... the Buddha’s experience was that when you go beyond the skandhas, beyond the aggregates, what remains is nothing. The self is an idea, a mental construct. That is not only the Buddha’s experience, but the experience of each realized Buddhist man and woman from 2,500 years ago to the present day. That being the case, what is it that dies? There is no question that when this physical body is no longer capable of functioning, the energies within it, the atoms and molecules it is made up of, don’t die with it. They take on another form, another shape. You can call that another life, but as there is no permanent, unchanging substance, nothing passes from one moment to the next. Quite obviously, nothing permanent or unchanging can pass or transmigrate from one life to the next. Being born and dying continues unbroken but changes every moment."

For the complete article: http://buddhism.about.com/od/karmaandrebirth/a/reincarnation.htm

Which sounds very much like reincarnation to me.  It not, it is avery close second!  While our God breathed Bible tells us man will die once, then be judged.


1. The person of Jesus was the firstborn over all creation.

2. More than 300 prophecies in the Old Testament of the Bible fulfilled by Jesus.

3. Jesus born of a virgin God prophecied He would be the Father of, 1,000 years before it was fulfilled.

4. That God's Son would be called Emannuel, meaning, God with us, 750 years before it was fulfilled.

5. Jesus healed the blind, the deaf, and those with terminal illnesses and raised some from the dead.

6. God called His only begotten Son, God as well as Lord.

7. Jesus was crucified and died, then rose again on the third day, with more than 500 eye witnesses of His resurrection over a 40 day period of time. 

8. The only grave that is empty of the founders of every religion in the world, is that of Jesus.