Mar 30 13 6:32 PM

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:Infographic: One in 5 Americans has no religion

The fastest growing ‘religious’ group in America is made up of people with no religion at all, according to a Pew survey.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor Fri 5:35 PM

Today, one in five in the American public doesn't identify with any religion, the highest share since Pew Research Center began this poll in 2007, reports GOOD. Still, the United States is more religious than some other countries.

Take a look at how religious beliefs in the United States compare to other first world Western European nations.

* Fifty-eight percent of Americans believe religion is important to them compared to less than 20 percent in France and Britain.

* More than half of Americans believe it is necessary to believe in God to be moral and have good values, while 20 percent or less think so in France, Spain and Britain.

* Among those who are religiously unaffiliated, most believe in nothing at all.

* Since 2007, Protestants have lost 5 percent of affiliated Americans, Catholics have lost 1 percent and those with no religious affiliation have increased 4.3 percent.

* Those who are religiously unaffiliated make up the highest percentage – 24 percent – of registered Democratic voters.

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