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First Century Christian martyrs:

  • Saint Stephen, Protomartyr, was stoned c. 34 AD.
  • Saint James the Great (Son of Zebedee) was beheaded in 44 AD.
  • Saint Philip the Apostle was crucified in 54 AD.
  • Saint Matthew the Evangelist killed with a halberd (a combination of battle axe and spear) in 60 AD.
  • Saint James the Just, beaten to death with a club after being crucified and stoned.
  • Saint Matthias was stoned and beheaded.
  • Saint Andrew, St. Peter's brother, was crucified.
  • Saint Mark the Evangelist, was dragged in the streets of Alexandria then beheaded
  • Saint Peter, crucified upside-down.
  • Saint Paul, beheaded in Rome.
  • Saint Jude
  • Saint Bartholomew flayed alive and crucified.
  • Saint Thomas the Apostle was killed by a spear in Mylapore, Madras, India in AD 72.
  • Saint Luke the Evangelist was hanged.
  • Saint Simon the Zealot was crucified in 74 AD.
  • Saint Antipas of Pergamum, according to tradition, roasted to death in a brazen bull during the persecutions of Emperor Domitian, c. 92 A. D.

  • John the Baptist was beheaded by Herod. (Note: Saint John the Evangelist according to legend was cooked in boiling hot oil but survived. He was the only one of the original twelve Apostles who was not martyred).

    Christian martrys from the second to the twenty first century: