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Jan 1 13 8:02 PM

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I'm discouraged that many folks are putting a bad wrap on the Nephilim; perhaps making a hasty judgement. 

I read Genesis 6:4 literally:

"The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old (HEBREW WORD= OLAM....what is hidden, concealed, time past, antiquity), men of renown."

If you read the verse just as it is written no where does it say the Nephilim were wicked or that they were the off spring of the abomination.  

The writer seems to be looking back at a specific time and using "NEPHILIM" as a marker. 

The text of Gen 6:4 does not state that the Nephilim were beings fallen from heaven marrying the daughters of men OR that they were offspring of that abomination.

AT MOST, it says that the Nephilim were present on the earth during the days that the Sons of God married the daughters of men. That's it. 

The only other time the word Nephilim is used is in Numbers when the 12 spies reported they were as "grasshoppers" beside these giants they called Nephilim. But there is no attempt to relate these people to the beings of Gen 6:5.

Gen 6:5 in the Torah (TANAKH TRANSLATION) says it a little different...

"It was then, and later too that the Nephilim APPEARED on earth..."

I thought that was an interesting interpretation but I don't read, write or speak Hebrew.  

My point is simple. The Word of God refers over and over to the wickedness of men. Not the Nephilim. Also, if they were "fallen" angels or the offspring thereof why would the writer phrase it as if the Nephilim had been in existence for a long enough time to become 'heroes'. 

The Hebrew word for 'old' intrigues me. The word implies a mystery that if it was important for us to understand God would make it plain. The context of the first six-seven verses of chapter six combined with a reading of exactly what verse 4 says leads me to conclude the Nephilim were not wicked and evil as they are made out to be.

I'm writing a fictional tale that involves this topic and I've done quite a bit of 'head scratching' over this issue. I've come to the conclusion that there were perhaps more that one species of 'giants'. 

The hardest thing to get my head around is the "when" not the "what". I've been influenced by Henry Morris who I believe says planet earth as we know it is around 10,000 years old. 

Radioactive Carbon dating is a theory, right? That is a question I am posing. Is it a theory that traditional science could never admit was inaccurate? We were taught it was fact. 

I'm relating all this back to the so called, Neolithic Period before and after the flood and the Nephilim...etc. Okay, enough already...

I'm new here and I'm introducing myself. I'm Kevin. I'm 51 and have a serious genetic lung disease and I'm on the heart/double lung transplant list. I love God's word. I love God and I hope His purpose for me is to write. I apologize for going on for so long. 


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Mar 28 13 12:02 PM

My prayers that you have received the lung you have been on a waiting list for by now, kalford, and that you are well on your way for a full and speedy recovery.  My sincere regrets it has taken so long to find your post, as it did not appear in the "Latest post" listings when you did so, for whatever reason.

As for the Nephilim, the Bible reveals their hybrid spirit/souls are the very demons Jesus drove out in the Bible.  See the following for the full Scriptual facts:


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