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and Marijuana

is Marijuana?

is a mild hallucinogen. Meaning that in large quantities it has the
potential to cause hallucinations. And in some people it can act as a
hallucinogen in small quantities as well. Although it is a widely
used drug, There is very very little actually known about it's long
term effects. To date there have not been any major studies endorsed
by the government of Canada on weed and it's effects. The majority of
what I'm presenting to you is my own study based on interviews with
chronic users and personal experiences.

and youth

there are few willing to admit it there is a weed pandemic going on
right now in western civilization regarding the use of weed. The
majority of the users are youth, high school age. Between the ages of
15 and 21 it is most common on my study. Before you approach your
child on their habit you should be armed with some facts first.

term effects of Marijuana

is a term users use for the effects weed has on long term or over
users. It's called permafried. What it means is that the damage
caused by the drug to the brain has reached the the point where it no
longer able to function normally, but has the person in a permanent
state of “High” Upon interview with long term users still
functioning normally they stated that it is a little known fact in
the chronic circles that you take 3 month breaks once a year to
prevent yourself from becoming permafried. However this is only
effective if a dependance hasn't been made.


Claim that there is no addictive chemicals within weed. However upon
interview of various users of various age groups I uncovered
immediately that it is in fact an addictive substance. People
reported getting the “shakes” a common withdrawal symptom.
Reported headaches, heart aches, body sickness. Experiencing
cravings, such as smelling the substance where there is none, a
general craving..


lung is uncommon side effect of smoking weed. What happens is your
lungs relax when you smoke it. When this happens your lungs no longer
cough up the flem that's created from inhalation of smoke. The more
damaged the muscles become the less they will work. Eventually you
stop coughing up the liquid that's building in your lungs, this
creates a chance that when your lungs exhale they will cave in on
itself, called collapsed lung.

does it affect you spiritually?

opens you up spiritually, it is an open invitation to the spiritual,
all hallucinogens are. It has been used to help guide people through
spiritual quests, in other words, used as a potion in a sense, just
like love potions are a sin to drink or possess or make, so is weed
sin to use in help in contacting the spiritual realm.

does the bible say about it?

is used in alternative religions for deeper insight to their
religion, that alone should tell you where the bible stands

and the gift of prophecy:


During high school we had our psychology teacher tell us
about what we do know about weed. He told a story about a girl who
smoked it and knew she couldn't handle it. That she spent a weekend
running away from monsters because of it.

knew I couldn't handle weed but I smoked it anyway. Once you have the
first puff you'll always want more. However no high will ever be like
the first one you had, you'll be chasing the dragons tail as it's
called. Trying to get that high you had the first time.

spiritually I couldn't handle it, this has been proven to me time and
time again. But I always seem to make the same mistake over and over
again of thinking I could handle it maybe this time. But I never

I observe the people around me I've come to understand that the
majority of the population is self medicating. You see there is a
hole in man. We can be the most successful person in the world and
still be dissatisfied in our lives. Our jobs, and victories and
defeats eventually are not enough for a growing soul. But because of
lack of understanding, or lack of will. People don't turn to the one
who can full that hole in our lives. God made a place for himself in
our lives. It's a basic need in our very selves. Without turning to
God. We are robbing ourselves of developing further, beyond the point
of just a job, just a house, dog, wife and kids..our lives are
defined by the lords grace to show us himself, and the childlike
nature of exploration renewed in us as we discover the hidden things
the lord has planned for us...and the universe in a way that will
question our old selves in such a way that we are no longer the
people we once were.

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