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May 25 12 5:28 AM

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Rules and Code of Conduct for Members
1. One sign up account per person.
2. Members are not to attack other members, It is understood that not all will agree with the opinion of others but criticism is expected to be carried out on an intelligent level. This applies to all faiths.
3. As a Christian forum there are many questions about the Scriptures, Faith and God, we encourage your questions and discussions about them. But we do not condone members to knowingly post misinformation or falsehoods about the Scripture. Disagreement with the scriptures are expected and criticism is a part of a discussion forum but blatant hate serves no one If this occurs the member will be warned and the post deleted.
4. Linking quotes in your discussions as a reference, only if it relates to the discussion on hand.
5. No spamming or advertising is permitted o this forum.
6. Do not use vulgarity, offensive nick names, attack/insult a poster, Intelligent criticism for a specific reason is expected but degrading is out.
7. Users that attempt to interfere with Christian discussion will be suspended or directed to appropriate board. We want to give people honest answers to specific questions without the threads getting bogged down in a deluge of mocking.Please stick to the topic of the forum.
8. Do not be divisive or inflammatory just for the sake of ridiculing another poster.
9. No arguing with the Moderators without just cause on the forums. You have a personal message system to voice your complaints without clogging up the forum with useless posts that concern no one but the parties involved.
10. Personal profiles pages are provided for you to let people know who you are, through relationship we grow our community, update you personal page and bio and let other members know who they are talking to.
11. Violation of any of the above will receive a warning. Should it occur a second time, a member will be temporarily suspended or banned unless other remedial measures are implimented.
12. Thank you all for helping us keep our forum acceptable to the Lord and to each other.
If who wish to contact management of this web site for any reason, go to "messages," click on it and send me your message.

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God Bless you all!


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